Monday, August 17, 2009

Social Media Serves as Hope for Small Business

The state of the economy is still hotly debated. Are we still in a recession or have we come out of it? Are we at the bottom or are we slowly building? These questions and more are being argued every day on CNN, NPR, Fox and every other news outlet.

The state of the economy, no matter what it is, doesn't mean that people can stop living their lives. People change jobs, move to a new house, pay their child's college tuition and proceed whether they are truly able to or not. There are even some Americans that are continuing to start their own small businesses in this down economy. Just think about trying to raise the capital for a business right now. It must seem like an insurmountable task. Social media has helped and will continue to help in this area. Imagine going to angel investors, venture capitalists or just friends with some extra dough and saying "we don't need any money for marketing. It's going to be free aside from man hours." That would surely help, right?

Social media affords small business owners with this opportunity. Social media can be low-cost or even free if you aren't counting the hours you personally invest. Don't get me wrong it is not an ideal situation to rely solely on social media for your business' marketing efforts, but it can be done if need be. You can begin to build a community of support and potential customers simply by strategically building a social media presence for your brand.

If nothing else social media provides hope to small business owners who have very little budget, and hope is a premium when starting a new business in a downtrodden environment.


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